Friday, December 18, 2009

Shopping Handmade Part 2

While doing the Lamar Holiday Botique, I found one of my new favorite handmade items. The store is Peaceacre. They make all types of soaps and lotions. My favorite is the Dreamsicle Lotion Bar. It comes in a handy tin, so the lid will not come off and it get all over your purse. It smells soooooo good. The lotion is awesome. As some of you know, I am a runner. This time of year is really hard on my hands. Since the weather has changed, I have not had a single cracked or chapped knuckle. I think that is due to the lotion. It is very reasonably priced. I bought several for Christmas gifts. My teenage daughter loves it. Oh, her husband does the best infomercial for her. Check out their website

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Buying Handmade Part One

Last year I started reading the "Twilight" series by Stephanie Meyers. I was instantly addicted. I have since addicted friends and family, if they weren't already addicted. While shopping on Etsy I found the perfect Christmas card to send to my fellow Twilight addicts. I purchased the ones with Edward in a Santa cap, but if your a part of Team Jacob, they are available as well. Check out this great shop!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Buying Handmade

This Christmas season, I am really trying hard to buy handmade. I will be honest and say that I haven't been able to do that 100%. (I had to order a meat and cheese gift box). But I am really trying. I have found many items on Etsy. And I did a boutique where I found one of my new favorite items. Over the next few days, or maybe weeks, I will be posting some of my favorites. It may be too late for Christmas, but keep these stores in mind for any future gift needs (including your own). I will only promote the ones I am 100% happy with. So hopefully, you won't have buyers remorse.
Stay Tuned:)