Sunday, January 31, 2010

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In honor of Valentine's Day, my 100th Facebook fan will receive a free gift if they become a fan by Valentine's Day. Tell your friends!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spring Handmade Boutique

My sister is organizing the Spring Handmade Boutique. I participated in the Fall Boutique and did very well. I plan to attend the spring one as well. If you are interested in participating you can find information at

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Buying Handmade Part 3

This fall, while shopping on etsy, I found the neatest store. The owner is a work at home mom who makes Crawler Covers. They are like leg warmers. Her patterns are adorable, her items are very well priced, and she has great specials/deals. (Her pictures are absolutely adorable). I ordered a pair for each of my 4 nieces (and one future niece). My items arrived promptly and were very neatly packaged. The night after Eliza (my niece) received hers, she wanted to wear them, well that and actually nothing else. My sister said that she had a hard time getting them off her the next day. My sister reported that Eliza's older sister Sicily, a ballet dancer, really likes them as well. Here are a few facts about the Crawler Covers that I have copied from her store.

They fit most from newborn to age 8, so they grow with your little one! The fit from newborn to 4 is up to the thigh area; and the fit for 4-8 is up to the knee.

Crawler Covers arrive with a cute ribbon and packaging which makes them ready for gift giving! They make a stylish baby shower gift!

Crawler Covers™
*Are great for potty training (no on off, on off)
*Make diaper changes easier
*Protect little knees when crawling
*Perfect for dance or gymnastics classes
*Keep legs warm year round
*Look super cute as arm warmers!
*Can be worn with just a onesie, as an alternative to tights or even under pajamas for extra warmth!
*Are so cute and fashionable!!

She has over 400 styles of leg warmers available in her store. More than any other on Etsy!
So if you have a chance, please check out her store